Multi-steam technology explained

Multi-Steam Technology: 3 times better!

Multi-Steam is a unique and patented technology that for the first time enables you to regulate the power, direction & humidity of the steam jet with a single easy to use selector.

Steam Programme 1: Profound Care

Profound Care is ideal for your everyday ironing, such as linen trousers, denim jeans, cotton t-shirts and bed linen.  Even if the fabric is heavily creased, you’ll find ironing becomes easy because the powerful jets push the steam out at a very high pressure.  On the soleplate, the vertical steam holes ensure the steam directly penetrates deep into the garment’s fibres and relaxes them before the hot ceramic soleplate passes over. This works in tandem with Profound Care’s extremely humid steam flow, which subtly dampens and humidifies the fibres to remove creases faster.

Steam Programme 2: Precise Power

Precise Power gives you concentrated steam flow pushed forward from the tip of the iron.  This programme is ideal for getting the steam to penetrate difficult and awkward areas such as shirtsleeves, pockets and around buttons & loops.  You’ll find that with Precise Power you’ll be able to relax creases that you wouldn’t reach with a standard steam iron.  On the soleplate, the steam holes are angled to allow the steam to flow forward and into the tip.  This makes removing creases much easier because the steam penetrates the fibres before you pass the ceramic soleplate over.  Precise Power delivers a low humidity steam flow, which gives fantastic control over the steams direction.

Steam Programme 3: Diffuse Caresse

Diffuse Caresse gives you a soft lateral steam flow.  This programme is ideal for delicate fabrics such as silk, rayon and cashmere.  It is powerful enough to remove creases but gentle enough to care for delicate, softer fibres.  Diffuse Caresse reduces your ironing time and cares for you clothes by spreading the steam laterally, which gives it maximum surface area coverage while minimising the contact with the fabric.  On the soleplate, the steam holes are widespread which helps the steam spread gently throughout the iron.  Diffuse Caresse gives a medium humidity steam flow so it does not saturate delicate fabrics before the hot ceramic soleplate passes over.

View our IronSpeed Multi-Steam steam generator iron range, the only iron with Multi-Steam Technology.

IronSpeed Steam Generator Iron

Model No. SRD4107

  • 5.5 Bar Steam Pressure
  • 110 g/min Steam Rate

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