Agitator Belts

Hoover Agitator Drive Belt



The Hoover V201E agitator replacement drive belt ensures your upright vacuum cleaner brush roll is rotating and functioning properly, picking up all the dirt and hair from your carpets. A worn snapped or loose agitator belt will prevent the brush roll in your vacuum from rotating. This replacement belt is located inside the floor head that will make your carpets clean efficiently.


The following products are compatible with Hoover Agitator Drive Belt:
39100394 8016361884991 HU71 HU30011
39100395 8016361885004 HU71 HU20011
39100396 8016361885011 HU71 HU03001
39100397 8016361885028 HU71 HU02001
39100398 8016361885035 HU71 HU01001
39100431 8016361894839 HU71 HU04001
39100453 8016361904415 HU71 HU05001
39100472 8016361924307 VR81 HL01001
39100473 8016361924901 VR81 HU02001
39100481 8016361933781 VR81 HU03001
39100483 8016361938885 VR81/HU03 001


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