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The Multi Sensors System of your H-PURIFIER 500 is a set of intelligent sensors that carefully check the indoor air quality in real-time, monitoring polluting agents (PM 10 and PM 2.5), gasses (VOC), temperature, and humidity. Its extreme accuracy ensures high efficiency and avoids the need for maintenance operations.
H-TRIFILTER is the exclusive Hoover system of filtration, with the combined action of 3 different layers and a specific function for each layer, to ensure protection from all the indoor pollutants up to 0.1 microns. The Outer Layer works as a primary filter, intercepting the largest particles such as human or pet hair and dust. The HEPA (H13) filter traps invisible micro particles such as PM 10 and PM2.5, removing 99.97% of allergens up to 0.3 microns, such as pollen, dust mites and bacteria. The Active Carbon filter absorbs gaseous pollutants (VOC, NO2), fumes, cigarette smoke, odors.
Thanks to the 360° Airflow System, H-PURIFIER 500 allows the purified air to be spread in every direction, even in large spaces. Once allergens and pollutants are captured, the filtered air is spread first toward the ceiling and then all around the room in a fast and efficient way.
H-PURIFIER 500 is equipped with a dedicated sensor, useful to ensure monitoring of Carbon Monoxide presence is always on. When the level of CO in the air becomes potentially harmful, the CO Sensor alerts you through an acoustic signal and other people previously selected, via the hOn App, in order to ensure maximum safety to you and your family.
Enhance your air purification experience with the hOn App. You will access a world of useful functions: remote control of purifying modes and settings, diffuser activation and scheduling programs. Plus, the hOn App allows gathering internal and external air data, giving real-time monitoring information about internal and external pollution, humidity and temperature, also providing statistics and forecasts.
Once your H-PURIFIER 500 is successfully connected to the hOn App you will have the chance to create your own User Allergy Profile, by selecting the pollens you are allergic to. The hOn App will monitor the presence of outdoor pollen and will communicate that to the product. The pollen allergy mode will start automatically, and the product will work in order to reduce the pollen level and prevent allergic symptoms.
The HEPA 13 filter features a unique and tested treatment to inhibit pollen once captured by the filter and inactivate them, ensuring high protection for allergy sufferers and allowing them to manage the filter in complete safety.
Thanks to the Air Quality LED Ring you can always check your home air status in just one glance. The 4 different colours of lights will reveal the air quality status: green for good air quality, yellow for moderate air quality, orange for poor air quality and red for bad quality.
You can always check the level of PM 10, PM 2.5 and Gas (VOC) of your home air, with a tap on your H-PURIFIER 500's display or via the hOn App. Plus, you can keep track of the temperature and the humidity level in the room, as well as the filter maintenance status.
Select the Auto Mode Program and let your H-PURIFIER 500 work autonomously: it will set the fan speed, based on the detected quality air. When the Air Quality Ring stays in the green mode for more than 30 minutes, the H-PURIFER 500 will automatically set in stand-by mode: the fan will switch off and the sensors will keep monitoring the air quality, reactivating the fan if any pollutants are detected.
Set to the Max Mode and let your purifier work at full power. It is ideal for open spaces, to remove cigarette smoke or kitchen odors when you are cooking.
Set the Sleep Mode to start silent but highly efficient air purification up to 8 times a night: you will not be disturbed while sleeping and you will always breathe clean air both day and night.
H-PURIFIER 500 does more than just purifying air. It is also equipped with the Diffuser to spread fresh fragrances (H-ESSENCE) or probiotics (H-BIOTICS) into the air, that help to make your surfaces in your home more hygienic & free from bacteria. You can activate and control this function through the product display or via hOn App.
H-ESSENCE is the essential oils collection, created by Hoover for your H-PURIFIER 500. A whole set of delightful fragrances, to let you enjoy your home air while it purifies. Choose your favourite: you can set the intensity you prefer or create your personal cycle via the hOn App.
H-BIOTICS is a natural blend made of probiotics that can be diffused in the air to make objects and surfaces in your home more hygienic by inhibiting the proliferation of harmful microorganisms such as microbes and bacteria. Probiotics are made of good bacteria that, once settled on room surfaces and objects, can kill the bad ones ensuring a more hygienic room. H-Biotics can be spread by activating the specific and dedicated cycle of usage through the Diffuser function on the purifier screen or via the hOn App.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Product code 38290211
  • EAN Code 8059019016979
  • Giastech Colour WHITE
  • Tested by British Allergy Foundation
  • Wi-Fi YES
  • Model HHP50CA001

Technical Features

  • PM Sensor: PM 2,5 YES
  • PM Sensor: PM 10 YES


  • Net weight (kg) 6.9
  • Gross weight (kg) 9.4
  • Product depth (mm) 317
  • Product height (mm) 575
  • Width of the product (mm) 280

Programs Functions

  • Voice control: Alexa YES
  • Voice control: Google Home YES


  • Gas removal: VOC YES
  • Gas removal: NO2 NO

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